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Why this blog?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Group & Blog

After the first edition of the Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference (IPBAC), we decided to create a Linkedin Group called Business Aviation in Spain & Portugal. The reason was that we begun to see a new interest in developing this sector in the area. We could talk to many colleges from Spain and Portugal as well as with many others from different countries in Europe and even from other continents.

After more than 10 years of market domain by two companies in Spain, Gestair/Executive and TAG Aviation and by Netjets in Portugal, the market begun to change at least in Spain. TAG Aviation decided to leave the country and Gestair begun the process to be sold by the fund that owns the company.

At the same time and following a global trend, new companies have begun to offer specialised services: operational and technical software, purchasing clubs, mobile apps, independent MROs & CAMOs, legal and advisory services, financial entities, handling, catering, etc.

New Oportunities

“Iberian Peninsula is an aviation hub that connects continents: America, Africa/Middle East & Europe. New projects, like the new airport in Madrid, will help to increase Business Aviation oportunities in the area. ”

But to take advantage of the changes and new opportunities, we need the collaboration of all stakeholders and this is the main reason to create the Group.

We need to work together to promote Business Aviation in our countries, to get the Aviation Authorities to get involved in the new challenges because we will need their support to adapt the regulations to the new projects and to improve the way they use to work.

We need to work in different areas and we need to do it together. Provide solutions, propose new ideas, remove limitations, improve situations that prevents growing faster... I really believe in the win-win strategy and this is something that has not been very popular in our sector in our countries.

A new project like Air City Madrid Sur Airport can be a game changer for our area. We need to develop Bs¡business Aviation in the South of Europe. We just have one manufacturer's Service Center in Spain, Cessna-Textron in Valencia, and one Embraer approved Center in Portugal, Ogma. Then we have smaller MROs like Gestair Maintenance or ATS Aviation, as well as other line maintenance services. International companies with big Service Centers as well as manufacturers tried to develop maintenance facilities in Spain without success. Problems with hangars availability as well as complicated regulations, frustrated the attempt.

Something similar happens with the FBOs. The limitations from AENA to allow the construction of new FBOs in the airports forced some companies to leave or reduce the investment and presence in the country. The new bet of Skyvalet for Spanish airports can change the game.

If we add a new airport especializad in Business Aviation with the possibility to an FBOs and hangars for line and base maintenance, we will create a great environment to attract local and foreign investment and convert the area in a hub for Business Aviation.

How to work together

The creation of this web site is a proposed answer to this question. This will be an open foro to propose projects and contribute with solutions.

We will create different areas that can be the germ for working groups especializad in different projects or problems we need to solve. I think that a web site / blog like this is much more flexible and organised than the Linkedin Group. The Linkedin Group is a really good tool to find contacts but it's not the best site to open discussions or debates as it is not possible to organise themes or keep historical posts easily readable.

“We can only have success if we can work together.”

Let me finish begging you for collaboration. Please, freely express your doubts, wishes, proposals, ideas or opinions concerning this sector and I'm sure that, together, we can get that the Iberian Peninsula becomes an important hub for Business Aviation.

Best Regards,

Jose Luis Garcia

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