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Breaking New Horizons in Business Aviation 🛩️

The skies were buzzing with insights at the recent "New Horizons in Business Aviation" event hosted by SPBAA | Spanish Business Aviation Association iness Aviation Association. Held on November 23rd and 24th, this groundbreaking summit soared through the challenges and triumphs of the business aviation sector in Spain.

🌐 Exploring New Avenues: Business Aviation in Spain 🌐

Dive into the future of business aviation as SPBAA convened experts from around the globe in six riveting panel discussions. Topics ranged from Artificial Intelligence and sustainability to market trends and the evolving landscape of executive aviation.

🔍 Insights From Industry Leaders 🔍

Esteemed speakers, including Carlos Gericó Noguero ricó (CEO of Gestair), José Manuel Pérez de la Cruz ( Heron Aviation España, European operator), Grégory Krulic (Jet Support Services - JSSL), Antoine VILLAIN (Aircraft Sales Director – Europe, ACASS Ltd.), and Jose Luis Garcia s García (CEO of AirworthyNext), shared their experiences and perspectives.

💼 Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities 💼

Discussions delved into the surge in executive aviation during the pandemic, supply chain hiccups affecting operations, historical bureaucratic challenges, and the promising landscape for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) opportunities in Spain.

🤖 Embracing the Technological Frontier 🤖

The impact of automation, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies took center stage. Industry leaders, moderated by Esther Apesteguia Laspeñas of Fly News Magazine, explored how these innovations are reshaping corporate aviation while underscoring the irreplaceable role of human decision-making.

🌱 Sustainable Skies: Navigating Towards Zero Emissions 🌱

Sustainability emerged as a key theme with a focus on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). The discussion, featuring Ignacio Valero (Gestair), Francisco José Lucas Ochoa (Repsol) and Juan Ignacio Hermira Herranz, emphasized SAF as the pathway to achieving carbon-neutral aviation.

📊 By the Numbers: Business Aviation in Spain 📊

The event showcased the economic impact of business aviation, contributing €3.1 billion annually and employing over 21,000 individuals. Despite a 24% growth since 2021, concerns were raised about the decline in national registrations due to bureaucratic challenges.

🎙️ Voices that Resonate: Advocacy for Business Aviation 🎙️

Keynote speakers, such as José Ramón Bauzá, a European Parliament member, addressed political challenges and debunked misconceptions about the industry. The event also highlighted the impactful work of "Aviación sin Fronteras," an NGO dedicated to aiding children in need through aviation resources.

🚀 Conclusion: Elevating Business Aviation for a Sustainable Tomorrow 🚀

As the curtains fell on "New Horizons in Business Aviation," it was clear that business aviation is not just about luxury—it's a driving force behind technological innovation, economic growth, and global connectivity. The sector faces challenges, but united, it continues to pave the way for a sustainable and vibrant future.

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